Obin learned about death about few months back when we were on holiday in Namibia. She saw a huge skeleton of a whale and asked me who killed the whale. Then I told her that it could be out of old age, then the conversation flew about how every living creature would eventually die. She cried but she then moved on…..

A week ago…. the conversation continued…..
Obin : I don’t want to turn 6 Mom, I like being 5
Mom : Why?
Obin : Then I’ll die soon…..
Mom : You’re not going to die soon….
Obin : When I get 60 or 70, I’ll die right?
Mom : Probably, depends!! If you eat well and exercise you might even live longer

Obin : Why can’t we live forever Mom?
Mom : Hmmm, because there are not enough space for everyone. Babies are born everyday, you need to make space for the babies…. so the old people have to die

Obin : But there are so many continents… There are not many people in Antarctica
Mom : Because it’s so cold there, people don’t live there
Obin : But they go have vacations there Mom, then they come back home
Mom : Still Hon, there will not be enough jobs, clean air, trees, food… We can not have everybody live forever…
Obin : Ok….

Let’s see if this conversation will continue


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