One week in Luanda

Finally… one week already. It’s not so bad after all. As my American friend, Peggy, said… the biggest culutural shock is not living in Africa but living in a french community in Africa. French (the language) is definitely the currency around here.. so I HAVE TO get some….

It was really a long journey from home. From Jakarta – Singapore – Bangkok – Zurich – Geneve – Lisboa – Luanda… and Obin was a real sport. I would really to thank Pop Mie for being a true saviour for us. I really can not imagine what Obin would eat without Pop Mie, there’s no way she’s eating fruit cocktail and cold yoghurt for breakfast…

The land is dry and the traffic is not good (I can not really say that it’s bad… I’ve lived all my life in Jakarta). The people are okay not as intimidating as I thought. Like I said, Angola is okay… still adapting to the French community is the real challenge, especially if you don’t speak the language.

French school is another thing. I could not believe that I had to pay for 3rd party insurance, incase my daughter (who’s not even 4) would hurt another child. It’s not the money that bothers me (it’s the company paying anyway)… it’s just that… THEY’RE KIDS for crying out loud!!! School starts at 7.30 and the gate opens at 7.20 sharp, because the school is only responsible from 7.20 to 12.50…. It’s soooo….robotic (I don’t know if the word “inhumane” would express it better).

On Thursday, Obin didn’t wanna go to school, so I let her stay at home. The next day when I told the teacher that Obin was not coming because she didn’t feel like it, her expression was a true horror. It was as if what she heard of me was “Obin was not coming to school, coz she passed out, coz she was drunk the night before”. Then I learned that skipping school (even if you’re not even 4) is a big deal. The teacher told me that next time around, I should report to the principle if Obin missed any class.

I can talk on and on about this whole French thing… But then again, I am the NKOTB here, I should be the one adapting to them not the other way around. Still, I just feel like I need to bitch about it.

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