Potato Casserole (definitely a made up name)

My husband has really sensitive stomach, even pasta can give him gastric problem. Few weeks back I saw a recipe on Oprah, it looked a bit like lasagna but didn’t use pasta. Then I tried it and it was definitely a repeat.

Chopped onion (1/2), shredded potatoes (2 big ones), any kind of ground meat/sausages (about 300 gr, but who’s counting), salt & pepper to taste. Just saute everything then put in a casserole dish.

Then in a separate bowl beat 6 eggs then add a cup of whole milk (I replaced it with 200mL cream + semi skimmed milk, didn’t have whole milk) then add pepper, salt and nutmeg. Then pour the custard on top of the sautéed mixture. Then top them with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Then bake 150C for 40 minutes, if you like your cheese gooey, you may want to add (more) cheddar 10 minutes before done.

*Palanca, 231010*


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