(Not so) Successful Sausage Roll

With the success of Roti Boy, this cocky head of mine thought that I finally had conquered the world of bakery… that I had finally found the PERFECT basic recipe for all kinds of bread… and I was proven WRONG.

I always know that baking is all about chemistry. Literally. Especially those using yeast. You just don’t mess with the recipe. Well, unless you’re a pastry chef that probably had taken that Baking Chemistry 101. And I am not a pastry chef, I am not a chef, period. I have a degree in Environmental Engineering and I failed Basic Chemistry, TWICE (not that I was not good at it, but it’s a whole different story).

Anyway, I thought that I could use the same bun recipe to re-create sausage roll buns that normally sold in many bakeries back home.  The buns were airy and sweet, the sausages were salty and with a touch of chili sauce on top, yum!

The thing is, the Roti Boy bun is not sweet as the recipe does not call for sugar, which is not needed as the coffee cream is sweet enough.

So, just like any other responsible amateur baker, I googled the function of sugar in bread making. Lots of things came up and they’re confusing and contradicting each other. Some said, sugar would feed the yeast, some said it would inhibit fermentation, some said it would make the dough less sticky, etc. At the end, I came to a conclusion (which I already had even before googling it) then it wouldn’t hurt if I added 2 tbs of sugar into the recipe.

After the bread machine stopped, what I had was a SUPER STICKY dough that was just impossible to handle, that I had to powder my hand with flour.

The final baked buns were not as soft, rather crusty on the outside (bet it’s coz of the dry flour) and they were NOT SWEET (which was the whole purpose of the experiment).

Yet, they made rather good-looking buns and totally edible. My daughter loved them still, especially those with her names on.

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