Less Sugar Butter Cream

Two days ago, my daughter just turned 7. As this is our last year here, thought that I could throw her a (sort of) bigger party. Then, we (I actually) came up with Cupcake theme, thinking that it would be cool if kids could decorate cupcakes and brought them home as goodie bags.

Having 1500 people at my (totally outsourced) wedding, I thought having 17 little girls for a (non outsourced) birthday party would be a breeze. We had had plenty of dinners and lunches at our place, the biggest one was just a month back where we had around 50 people at home. In this naive head of mine 17 kids was equal to having 40 adults. What I had forgotten was, adults didn’t scream, suddenly crawled around the house pretending to be runaway babies and definitely adults did not carry each other trying to show how strong they were.

Anyway, with 17 kids (each supposedly bringing back home 6 cupcakes), I needed to have 102 cupcakes at the minimum and on top of it I needed to have some more for display and for the kids to eat on the spot. At the end, I baked 158 cupcakes. Though I iced some of them with fondant, I still needed butter cream, LOTS of butter cream. Then I turned to the one guy I could always count on, Mr. Google.

It was really shocking to see those recipes of butter cream, the amount of sugar that they had could definitely fuel a space ship rocket, some even called for 3 – 4 cups of sugar for 1 cup of butter. Then I found this recipe from Chowhound. What intrigued me was, this recipe used Tangzhong as a key ingredient that holds the buttercream (replacing the function of the excess sugar).

Then I made one batch of this recipe to test few key butter cream properties. Here’s the verdict;

  • Taste : good, not too sweet
  • Texture : soft & fluffy
  • Strength : I piped one sample at 6 pm and I checked 12 hours later, it was still there (and still soft & fluffy)
  • Storage : in refrigerator, took 3 hours to thaw in room temperature
  • Overall : definitely an excellent option of doing butter cream


  • 1 recipe of Tangzhong (50 gr flour + 250 mL milk), let it cool
  • 200 gr butter
  • 1 cup sugar (of any kind)
  • Beat butter and sugar until starts to be fluffy
  • Add Tangzhong 2 tbs at a time while beating
  • Add 1-2 tsp Vanilla (optional)
  • Ready to be used

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6 thoughts on “Less Sugar Butter Cream

  1. CorkAndSpoon says:

    Wow, this sounds pretty interesting! I’m with you on all that sugar in frosting. It’s just too much sometimes. ~Ruth

    • Me says:

      Hi there Ruth,

      Thanks for your response. Actually there is another method of doing butter cream with less sugar, that is to add egg whites (and they’ll act as the icing agent). The thing with that method is 1) You have to start collecting egg whites months before (especially if you’re doing a big production like what I just did) 2)The egg whites and sugar are beaten on a double boiler, and it may take more than 10 minutes (and my biceps are not that trained).

      This recipe that I posted actually was also triggered by the fact that I ran out of icing sugar and you can use any kind of sugar for this. Let me know how it goes if you ever tries this one out. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

      • CorkAndSpoon says:

        Lol, I guess the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” works perfectly here, huh? If I mess up on the Tangzhong I’ll give the egg whites a go. My blogging partner introduced me to cartoned egg whites last summer. Perfect when all you need are whites and no yolks 🙂 ~Ruth

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