Cakes from Boxes

Few days back I stumbled upon this blog that made a poll on Pre-Made Cake Mix. This got me thinking on how I feel about these “Cakes from Boxes”.

Do I bake from scratch? Yes.

Do I make my own bread? Yes.

Do I make my own fondant decoration? Yes.

Do I make my own frozen butter cream cake deco? Yes.

Did I just throw a birthday party with 158 made from scratch cupcakes and icing? Yes.

Do I sometimes use pre-made cake mix? Hell yea…. (about to make one now, Pandan Sponge Cake).


  1. It’s easy to throw, especially if I have last minute school thing (i.e. last day of school – snack picnic, emailed only the night before and who opened emails at night?), PTA thing, so on & so forth (my pick for this would be Betty Crocker’s Brownies).
  2. There are types of cakes/ingredients that do not exist here in Luanda – Angola – West Africa (also the reason why I made my own fondant deco), where we had lived as expats for 3+ years now. My daughter is a HUGE fan of Pandan (from pandan leaves) Cakes. I tried to grow them, but they couldn’t make it last year’s winter. So, I had no choice but to use the pre-made cake mix, coz being caught by quarantine for bringing pandan leaves from home just ain’t worth it.

Does it make you a terrible person for using pre-made cake mix? No.
Is baking from scratch a pain in the ***? Absolutely NO, it’s even therapeutic for me.
Can we make good with best of both worlds? Absolutely.

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3 thoughts on “Cakes from Boxes

  1. Hi, I’m glad you found my idea (of writing about cake mixes) interesting. However, if you are going to use my idea it is blog etiquette to at least credit me and link to my blog.
    Danya at

  2. Wina says:

    Hi there Danya,

    I am sorry, my mistake.

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