2011 – Between Baking, Tumor and “Assholes without Borders”

Thanks to Facebook’s new “Timeline”, I can trace back 2011. I learned this morning that I had added 47 Facebook friends in 2011 and added (and tagged in) gazillions pictures.

This was my status last year (exactly today)

…what did I do this year… 

Two articles published in Indo magz, one essay included in an e-book, getting more serious in photography, tackled few new recipes, held countless (as I just don’t count) lunches and dinners (without sleepless nights), made few GREAT friends, in the priority list of my fish shop owner (likeliness of shrimp/prawn availability increase to 95% from less than 40% last year)….

Still can not finish the whole quran in Ramadhan, still does my prayers in “injury time”, monday-thursday fasting is still just an idea, daily quran recital is still barely…. 

Conclusion : I am still a BIG MESS… hope I’ll be fortunate enough to live more days next year to get myself together… Amen…. 

Based on last year’s conclusion, here’s the update (on the same parameters);

I published 1 article this year, but still on with (non-sense) photography. Tackled much more recipes (even more in baking), still held many lunches and dinners (record this year 50 people lunch). Didn’t make that much friends this year (I suppose being in my last year if expatriation kinda gave the right to be a bit anti-social). No longer had any relationship with the shrimp lady, as we moved house this year. 

I finished reciting the whole Quran this year in the month of Ramadhan (10 days ahead of Mr. Hubby), much more discipline in my daily prayers, Mondays-Thursdays fasting is still just an idea, daily quran recital is still barely…. 

Monthly Highlights

First day of school in the new school for my daughter.

I invented a new term “Assholes without Borders”

Kwazulu-Natal Vacation

World's Heritage Site - Drakensberg of Kwazulu Natal province in South Africa

Super-moon (19 March)

(Left) March 18 - (Right) March 19

Euro Trip

Moving Out
Moving In (20 May)

Diagnosed with breast tumor (2 days before my 34th birthday). Felt like the world just stopped. “Nothing else mattered” suddenly was not just a song lyric for me.

Still busy dealing with the tumor. Not as easy as I thought, but decided that I wouldn’t let it define my life.

Month of Ramadhan, my daughter’s first time doing serious fasting. She missed only 1 day. Bravo!!!

(27 September) First time back to the Gym after 4 years. Since the kind of tumor that I had was not (that) common, I had mixed opinions from different doctors. Though they all agreed that it may (or MAY NOT – that’s how I see it) come back, and having a better physical condition would increase my chance of fighting it.

Unlike my previous attempts in doing Gym, this time these were the things that I did differently;
– I did not buy new Gym clothes/shoes
– I decided NOT to set any weight loss target, coz it shouldn’t be the point
– I did not need to do ALL the classes, just picked the ones that I enjoyed
– This is a life time thing, there’s no finish line
– Just like taking shower, exercising is part of “maintenance”. You do it everyday, though it’s forgiven to skip in weekends

My dear aunt lost her battle with bone cancer

The rise of baking
Revamping this blog

158 cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday

I am planning to end this year tonight by being a moral support for Mr.Hubby’s first 10K attempt.

Net,net, it’s been a tough yet fulfilling year. I was taught hard this year, the kind of teaching that I don’t want to forget.

I was reminded that (simply) being alive is truly a bless.


3 thoughts on “2011 – Between Baking, Tumor and “Assholes without Borders”

  1. thatshadeofsuede says:

    Well done, win. Seems like you achieved a lot this year. Didn’t know about your personal struggle with breast tumor, that must have been really scary. But I’m right behind you in making exercise a habit. If you think you might enjoy yoga, you’re welcome to join us. I’ve been practising with a group of ladies in Talatona area. First practice in 2012 will be next thursday 8.30am.
    And if hubby enjoys running (and want to train with other runners), he may want to join Luanda Hashers.

  2. Erwin says:

    So proud of you honey, … love you always and wanna grow old with you ……

  3. to me, you a have made a lot of changes 🙂 (in positive way). I have been a way from you for years, but you still a person i know very well which have a lot of strength, will and “magic” in doing many things (in such a clever way 🙂 ). I miss you so much Win… Can’t wait to see your posts and news within this new year

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