Growing up, I perceived the kitchen as a place where you got your food from, NOT the place to make them.

Living in Luanda (capital city of Angola), which was announced the most expensive city in the world, eating out three times a day is not such a brilliant idea, even if you’re an expat. Thus, spending some time in the kitchen was inevitable.

First few months living in Angola, instant seasoning was my best friend. Gradually, I started to enjoy real cooking. The kind of cooking that makes your kitchen messy, greasy, yet full of aroma.

Here I share my ups and downs, my victories and defeats, my sweat and tears of my journey in cooking. Most of the recipes included here are not even mine, but I do acknowledge my sources. So, if ever you want to copy any of the recipes and publish it in other publications of any forms, please be fair enough to cite this page.

All the pictures put on this page are all mine with no touch ups (unless said otherwise). Please respect my work by not copying them and claiming them as yours. Other than that, enjoy!

Potato Casserole

Ikan Woku (Fish Dish from North Sulawesi)

Stir Fried Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Stir Fried Beef with Oyster Sauce

(Supposedly A) Tom Yam

(Easy) Chicken Satay

Pasta Nera with Shrimps and Herbs

Indonesian Chicken Curry


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