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When my parents (grandly) announced that they wanted to visit us in Angola (after last year cancelled and thought that visiting South Korea would be a better idea), we were overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Happy, excited and anxious.

One of the reasons that I was anxious coz I was clueless where to take them. You might think of hundreds of places that worth visiting, but these were my parents. They both had heart problems, with my Dad already had his by-pass 5 years ago. They had their version of food restriction (not the religion-reason one, as that I one I totally get, but the ones that they made up based on their encounters with thousands of strangers).

When my husband threw the idea of spending the night in Mussulo, I was unsure as that was the first time we decided to spend the night there. After doing (not that much of) research, we found this place called Triangulo Kanawa. There was a (non-working) website and a (working) phone number on the flyer. Asked around and nobody could give me a clear clue how the lodge was. So, I gathered my guts and booked. The only info that I got over the phone was the bungalow would cost me USD 300/night and an extra bed was USD 50, the price included breakfast and they had a swimming pool.

With that info, we packed few clothes, lots of (cooked) food, fruits, snacks, 7 big bottles of water, few cans of soda, packs of coffee, tea and sugar and an electric kettle.  We also packed our own toiletries and towels. We took a boat ride to the lodge and walked over a knee deep of sea water to the shore carrying our bags. No one was to be found, but we saw buildings that looked like the ones on the flyer.

We managed to locate the reception and finally met the nice lady that I spoke to over the phone. She said the room was ready including the extra bed. We went to our room and it was pretty nice. So here were the things that they had;

In the living room

  • Futon folding bed (it was the extra bed), with linen, blanket and 2 cushions
  • A 17 inch flat screen TV
  • A small table with 2 chairs
  • A mini fridge
  • A standing lamp
  • 2 rotan stools
In the bedroom
  • A double bed (140 cm x 200 cm), complete with (super clean) linen. The mattress was firm, just the way we liked it. With 2 pillows, 2 cushions and a blanket.
  • A mosquito net
  • 2 night stands and lamps on each side of the bed
  • An open cupboard for clothes and towels

They had separate shower room and toilet with a sink and mirror, 2 rolls of toilet paper,  no toiletries but plenty of clean towels and a bathroom mat. The shower had hot and cold water.

Lunch and dinner were a la carte, but bringing your own was completely okay.

The lodge also had a swimming pool, a children play ground, an open grill (for everybody to use), many beach beds and outdoor sitting area. It had a dedicated indoor breakfast room and a disco on the second floor (which -thankfully- was not functioning when we were there, I suppose you had to make a prior arrangement of some sort).  They had an outdoor bar and when asked to turn down the blaring music, obeyed to do so.Truly cherished those moments where I could just read my book (had the perfect chick-lit picked for the occasion) on the beach with the faint music on the background.We spent our first day on the beach, doing nothing. Perfect.

The next day, we went to the breakfast room and it was really pretty and clean. The menu was humble yet enough. Loaves of sliced bread, cheese slices, butter, a cake, a caramel pudding, cereal, orange juice, hot milk, hot water with DIY coffee, hot choco and tea. After that we just spent the day playing card on the beach while ordering stuff from the outdoor bar.
At around 10-ish AM , people started arriving in small boats. I noticed that they came just for lunch and some sun and was informed that it’s pretty common on Sundays.
Net, net it was a really nice and relaxing experience. The only glitch was, water. Running water was not available 24/7. On the first day we arrived (Saturday) they water stopped running from 2 PM until 6.30 PM and it was on all night (at least till we went to bed).  The next day water was only back on at 7 AM. Like I said, it was a glitch but was not a major turn off. Will I ever return? Very likely.
Though I may bring some empty bottles (or buckets?) with us next time.

Reservation: 922 399 858
1 room bungalow USD 300
3 room bungalow USD 900
Extra bed (double size) USD 50
Price is inclusive of breakfast and boat-ride to and from the lodge

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