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Pasta Nera with Shrimps and Herbs

“Just stick to the list”, said my husband as I was walking through all the isles in the supermarket.
“What list?”, I replied.

Here in good old Luanda, you don’t have shopping lists, you buy what you can get. When eggs are extinct, you don’t bake, you make fruit dessert. When eggs are around, you buy gazillions of them so next time they’re gone, you can still bake. We already live “frugal” even before the whole world can spell the word. That’s why most companies equip us with freezers the size of two coffins.

Yesterday, I found packed Pasta Nera (simply put, black spaghetti) and I bought five packets. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know by now that we’re not Italians and we’re moving (for good) in a month, but I just can’t get rid of this frugality within me.  So we had Pasta Nera with Shrimps and Herbs.

How To:

  • Boil pasta till al dente
  • Prepare sauce by sautéing (in olive oil) garlic, chopped onion, and peeled-deveined shrimps. Add anise seed, basil, chopped parsley, salt and chili (if liked).
  • Mix the pasta with the sauce
  • Enjoy

Picture was processed with lomo-ish look.

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