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Cakes from Boxes

Few days back I stumbled upon this blog that made a poll on Pre-Made Cake Mix. This got me thinking on how I feel about these “Cakes from Boxes”.

Do I bake from scratch? Yes.

Do I make my own bread? Yes.

Do I make my own fondant decoration? Yes.

Do I make my own frozen butter cream cake deco? Yes.

Did I just throw a birthday party with 158 made from scratch cupcakes and icing? Yes.

Do I sometimes use pre-made cake mix? Hell yea…. (about to make one now, Pandan Sponge Cake).


  1. It’s easy to throw, especially if I have last minute school thing (i.e. last day of school – snack picnic, emailed only the night before and who opened emails at night?), PTA thing, so on & so forth (my pick for this would be Betty Crocker’s Brownies).
  2. There are types of cakes/ingredients that do not exist here in Luanda – Angola – West Africa (also the reason why I made my own fondant deco), where we had lived as expats for 3+ years now. My daughter is a HUGE fan of Pandan (from pandan leaves) Cakes. I tried to grow them, but they couldn’t make it last year’s winter. So, I had no choice but to use the pre-made cake mix, coz being caught by quarantine for bringing pandan leaves from home just ain’t worth it.

Does it make you a terrible person for using pre-made cake mix? No.
Is baking from scratch a pain in the ***? Absolutely NO, it’s even therapeutic for me.
Can we make good with best of both worlds? Absolutely.

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