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The gardener just cut another bunch of banana yesterday. We had had enough of fried banana, godog-godog and banana bread. Then my mother suggested that we made traditional banana chips. Not only we could pack them into individual portion, the fact that the banana was still raw made it a perfect idea.

First thing first, skin the bananas with kitchen knife. In this stage, peeling them is still impossible. Then slice them thinly and put them in a bowl of (about 1.5 liter) water with salt (2 tbs). The function of the salt is for taste, for preservatives and for crunchiness. After 15 minutes, fry the sliced bananas in medium heat oil. Do not stir them too much as it’ll make them  difficult to crisp. Once they’re dried and crispy, take them out and put them on kitchen towel so excess oil can be absorbed. That’s it!!!!

Then while on it, thought it would be cool if we packed them in the traditional way as well. Instead of using ziplock, we used clear (food grade) plastic bags and put around 200 gr of chips inside every bag. Then we sealed the bags using a candle. So, fold the plastic bag, then put fire (using candle) on the folding line while moving the bag sideway. The melted plastics would the seal the bag.

And now we have LOTS of chips…..

– Wait until chips are completely cool before packing
– You can substitute bananas with any kind of potatoes or cassava
– Can be consumed as is or used to add some crunch in your salad

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