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Gong Xin Chai…. Gong Xin Chai….

I kept on chanting those words making sure that when I finally got to the Chinese Farm I could utter them. Gon Xin Chai is chinese for water spinach or dearly known as KangKung in my mother tounge.

This 10 cent/bunch veggie (back home) did not exist in Luanda. Or when (in super rare) occasion that they did (after a secret mission to Sao Paulo), I needed to pull all my guts cleaning them as I might have to get (really) up close and personal with caterpillars still attaching themselves to the leaves.

Ready with 2 cars, 2 local drivers, 5 passengers, 1 phone number, vague memory of the location from Google Map and lots of guts and determination (ANYTHING FOR KANGKUNG!!!!), finally we went ahead to the unknown land called Zango.

The trip from Talatona to Zango was pretty smooth (the fact that it was AM and the traffic was going to the opposite direction). There were lots of “Oooh” and “Aaah” along the way looking at the fast pace construction on both sides of the express way. From the main road, we could eye the new city of Kilamba that (to me) looked like mainland HongKong with its strips of apartments with different heights and color hiding behind the green trees.

I first heard of this Chinese Farm from a friend that then shared a post about it in  LBW Blog.  Finally now (a year later), I  decided to take the journey the unknown. I had the phone number of a person that worked there and spoke English, and what was clear to me was it’s right after Zango  4 (Zango quatro) and once we got there I should ask my driver to call him so he could further explain.

Like said, getting to Zango was no problemo, it’s basically just taking the express route (passing the new 11 Novembro Stadium – on your left) until we reached big apartment blocks and turned right to Zango. We passed Zango 0, Zango 1, Zango 2, Zango 3 and finally Zango 4 (how did we know you may ask, we stopped and asked). Then, our adventure began.

So, we pulled over and made the call to know exactly where we’d be going next. The guy on the phone said “After Zango 4, you’ll see a board with 4 Chinese letters, then just turn right”. The thing was, there were many boards with Chinese letters there, so we just followed our guts. The dirt road then  lead us to super dirt road and we were sandwiched by big Chinese trucks carrying…. more dirt. Out of safety reason (the floating dirt made it really hard to see beyond 2 meters ahead), I told my driver that it’s NOT the right path and ordered him to turn around. After we made more phone calls (and asked every single soul around) finally we reached the farm.

So, this is how;

  • After Zango 4, you’ll see the board with 4 Chinese letters (see picture – the one in red paint). Turn right.
  • Keep straight until the road split into 3.
  • The left one goes slightly down and filled with trash, DON’T take that one.
  • The middle one (the biggest one) goes slightly down and makes you feel like it should be the road to take. DON’T take that one
  • The right one goes slightly uphill, smaller and does not look like the one you should take. TAKE that one.
  • Then you’ll go through a bumpy (like you’re riding a horse) road, fits only one car. Don’t worry, it’s the right path.
  • Then the road got bumpier and you can see nothing but mango trees on the sides and you feel like you should go back. Don’t worry, you’re on the right path.
  • Just keep going and fight the urge to go back. Just hang in there.
  • Then you’ll start seeing cactus trees (sort of almost scratching your paint job), don’t worry, you’re almost there.
  • Then you’ll see a big red painted metal gate (you can already take a peek of lines of veggies inside).
  • You’re there!

This is the price list per kilo (as of few days ago)

  • Celery KZ 1000
  • Bean sprout KZ 300
  • Long string bean KZ 400
  • Green bean KZ 600
  • Spinach KZ 1500
  • Chili KZ 400
  • Egg plant KZ 250
  • Water spinach KZ 250
  • Water melon KZ 300

Finally… I had my caterpillar-free KangKung….. ^_^

Chinese Farm
Contact: Wilson 935 631 112

It is a farm and (I think) they use cow dung as fertilizer, might take few minutes for your nose to tolerate the smell.

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